Miss Karla I Assistant Head of School

A first generation Latina college graduate from Texas Woman’s University with a B.S. in Child Development, I strive to guide a child’s learning and development. My responsibilities and passion have been in mind to how children can strive in diversity. As well as understanding the impact that early education has on children. 


It was my elementary school teachers that inspired me in my life. They were the first models of excellence and showed a passion to excellence 


Under the guidance of, Ms.Barkha Naik, I have learned the importance of early childhood education. How setting, building, and maintaining a foundation for a child to grow in is important. Teaching is not the only avenue in guiding a child in their development. 


“When you start to see children as their own unique person, you start to realize the power your guidance can have on them.”


Ms. Denisse I Nido Guide

Denisse Alonzo is an altruist human being with five years of experience working in Early Child Education in the United States. At a very young age, she never thought that her Mom’s words would resonate with her at different stages of her life. Quote: "I would have loved to have someone to trust my children when I needed it the most." In many different ways she has become that “someone” others can trust the care of their children.  She is now studying Interdisciplinary Studies at Brigham Young University-Idaho to become better well-founded as a professional in the educational field.

She keeps in mind that the child is always looking for impressions – positive ones - that are fundamental to develop a right perception of the world around them.


Mrs. Pooja I Nido Support Guide

Pooja Sharma, a children loving soul who was inspired from her maternal grandmother's gift of giving selfless teaching and wish to change the life of many children by inculcating among them a habit of being altruistic, honest, dream big and never giving up attitude.


She graduated with a BS in Biotechnology followed by a specialized Bachelor degree in Education. She taught science to upper elementary children in India.  Her hobbies include art and dance.


I believe that “teaching kids to count is fine but teaching them what counts is best” And “the journey of life begins from school.” I am looking forward to bringing positive changes in the life of children.




Miss Alondra

Toddler Guide

Alondra was born in Dallas but raised in Mexico. She has graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a bachelor's in Kinesiology. As a child, she attended a Montessori school giving her that first-hand experience, since then she has been involved with child care. She understands the child's needs for exploration, self-discovery and creativity. During her free-time she enjoys running and spending time with her family.


"Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden."



Miss Jessica

Toddler Guide

Miss Jessica comes to WMA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Tyler, a Montessori Certification from Montessori Institute of North Texas, and several years of experience in childcare. On her free time, she enjoys listening to records, making origami, and enjoying a great book.


“The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him/[her] for school, but for life.”  -Maria Montessori



Miss Vanessa

Toddler Support Guide

Miss Vanessa has been with us since the day we opened.  She is loved by all our communities at WMA.  Vanessa is passionate about child development and learning about the  Montessori methods.  She enjoys nature, puzzles, games and her skill is organization.


"Live less out of habit and more out of intent". 



Mrs. Mila I Primary Guide

Mila is an AMS Montessori certified Primary Teacher, working on her master's in education at SMU with an emphasis in special education and Montessori.  She has worked as an educator for 25 years, (12 years in Montessori) and she is am very passionate about serving children and families. 

 The Montessori philosophy is one I strongly believe in, it encourages children to learn and grow as individuals and nurtures the spirit of the child.

 As a primary teacher here at Willow Montessori Academy I aspire to leave each child in a state in which they no longer need my guidance, but rather working as if I don't exist and guiding other students in our classroom. I look forward to the connections we will make not only with the children, but their families as well, and building a lasting relationship.


Miss. Vivian I Primary Support Guide

A current student at the University of Texas at Dallas completing a B.S. in Child Development and Psychology with an aspiration to become a Child Psychologist.

Under this notion, I strive to apply theoretical developmental theory within my students while encouraging their independence and leadership.

I hope to analyze and make personal anecdotes on the teachings of Maria Montessori and apply it to an empirical framework that will support the research field pertaining academia.

"The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice."