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What Does Our LOGO represent?

Willow: Willow Trees represent balance, learning, growth and harmony. Willow Trees also symbolize strength and stability.

Owls: The "owl" spirit animal represents the deep connection that we share with wisdom, good judgement and knowledge. Like the owl, which is known for its sharp vision and keen observation, it also poses insight and intuition like children.

Leaves on a Willow Tree symbolize nature, fertility and life. The leaves on our logo are connected to show growth within the different age groups. Character of Montessori Education is "multi-age" groups that foster peer learning. Our Owls represent the children learning and growing together. The colors of our OWLS are olive green and brown to represent different ages. (Olive Green: Younger and Brown: Older)

We wanted to add something latin in our logo so we added "Victoriam Doctrina" which means victory of learning.

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